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Semantix Information Technologies
was founded in 2001, initially as a Limited Liability Company by five software engineering Ph.D.s with the goal of developing innovative software products and services for the telecommunication industry. The company's legal status was changed to that of an S.A. as early as November 2001 while the company continued to grow and expand its business focus. Since April 2003 the company is a regular member of the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (www.sepe.gr).

The company has four business sectors:

contractor for highly specialized software projects in the telecommunications, space and defense industries
telecommunication products (www.tapeditor.com)
tenders for public sector Information Technology projects and services
private sector projects - custom business solutions or outsourcing of software engineers/programmers/ operations personnel.

Central to our company's philosophy is laying uncompromised emphasis to the quality, reliability and stability of the software it develops and to serving client needs. For this reason proven and tested methodologies and development / testing tools are used but, more importantly, the company ensures that only first-rate human resources are employed.

The company has also certified with ISO EN 9001 its software development processes.
Up to this date, the company has carried software projects for GSM operators, billing vendors and system integrators, space and defense organizations and public sector organizations, municipalities and companies and has successfully launched its own products.